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Our decontamination training provides learners with hands-on experience across a wide range of equipment within our specialist decontamination facility.

Decontamination Courses

Authorised Person (Decontamination) (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Automated endoscope reprocessors – periodic testing (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Decontamination lead – role & responsibilities (to NHS guidance)

4 days

Endoscope drying cabinet – periodic testing

3 days

Endoscope washer disinfectors – weekly testing (to NHS guidance)

2 days

Human waste disinfectors – periodic testing (to NHS guidance)

3 days

Introduction to decontamination operations (to NHS guidance)

1 day

Large porous load sterilizers – annual testing & revalidation (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Large porous load sterilizers – quarterly testing (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Large porous load sterilizers – weekly testing (to NHS guidance)

2 days

Management of flexible endoscope decontamination (to NHS guidance)

3 days

Transportable vacuum steam sterilizers – periodic testing

5 days

Washer disinfectors – periodic testing (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Washer disinfectors – weekly testing (to NHS guidance)

1 day

SSD supervisors / managers (to NHS guidance)

5 days

Transportable steam sterilizers – operators (to NHS guidance)

1 day

Washer disinfectors for medical devices – operators (to NHS guidance)

1 day

Authorising engineer (decontamination) competency framework

2 years

Meet our expert trainers

Our trainers are one of our biggest assets, providing a strong mix of knowledge and industry expertise. Sound experience in their chosen professions, provides you with relevant, high-quality training.

Take a look at where you will train

Explore our state-of-the-art facilities and take a deeper look at the equipment and facilities you’ll be training on.

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Mechanical | 5 days

BOAS (Boiler operation accreditation scheme)

This course is designed for practicing boilerhouse operators or those who are responsible for managing a boilerhouse and its operators. Steam Shell Boilers (Category 2).

Next Course:
11th March 2024
Lift Safety | 1 day

Lift management duty holder (BS7255, LOLER & SAFed)

The course covers electric traction (including MRLs) and hydraulic lift installations. It is based around current legislation including the Lift Regulations 2016, PUWER, LOLER, British Standards, SAFed guidance notes and HSE documents.

Next Course:
27th March 2024
Water | 3 days

Water hygiene for capital projects

HTM 04-01 requires good practice from those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and operation of water systems in healthcare premises.

Next Course:
18th March 2024
Electrical | 1 day

Competent person LV (HTM 06-02)

To gain the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role of Competent Person LV (Electrical) in preparation for the formal appointment process as required by HTM 06-02.

Next Course:
18th March 2024
Lift Safety | 5 days

Competent person lift maintenance (HTM 08-02 & LOLER & SAFed)

Provide the skills and knowledge to carry out risk assessments and routine maintenance work on electric traction, MRLs and hydraulic lift installations.

Next Course:
11th March 2024
Electrical | 3 days

Authorised person LV (HTM 06-02) refresher

To refresh the skills and knowledge required as an Authorised Person, meeting the requirements of HTM 06-02 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Next Course:
19th March 2024
Estates & Facilities management

Safe management of healthcare waste (HTM 07-01)

The aim of this course is to provide Middle/ Senior Managers with an understanding of the legislation, codes of practice, and technical guidance to enable them to manage the various waste streams in their organisations.

Next Course:
25th March 2024
Decontamination | 5 days

Transportable vacuum steam sterilizers – periodic testing (to NHS Guidance)

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely complete validation and verification periodic tests required under healthcare guidance.

Next Course:
19th February 2024
Lift Safety | 3 days

Authorised person lift management refresher (HTM 08-02 & LOLER & SAFed)

The course covers electric traction (including MRLs) and hydraulic lift installations, based around current legislation.

Next Course:
4th March 2024
Fire Safety | 5 days

Fire safety in healthcare – introduction to the basic principles (HTM 05-01)

To provide a knowledge of the principles of fire safety and fire science allowing learners to gain an understanding of the concepts of fire prevention and fire protection.

Next Date:
4th March 2024
Estates & FM | 1 day

Premises assurance model (PAM) & CQC

This course is designed to deliver a broad and comprehensive background to the key aspects and considerations that are required to undertake a PAM assessment.

Next Course:
25th March 2024

Specialist Decontamination Training Courses

Our decontamination training portfolio is our biggest and offers our largest selection of courses. From Authorised & Competent Persons training to equipment specific training such as human waste disinfectors and large porous sterilizers. A large proportion of our courses are to NHS guidance to ensure our courses remain up to date and industry relevant. Training can take place at our specialist decontamination training facility or the majority of our courses can be delivered at your site.

If you have any specific training requirements or are looking for bespoke training, get in touch with our training team who will be happy to talk through your training needs.

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