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Authorising engineer (decontamination) competency framework

2 years
Become an IHEEM registered AE(D)

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Course code
2 years
City & Guilds Assured
Training method
Competency framework

This programme is for those who wish to become an AE(D) and register with IHEEM. This is a unique programme with IHEEM, and managed by Eastwood Park Training, that involves a rigorous assessment of competencies and skills.

This is a work-based learning programme

This programme is for those who wish to become an AE(D) and register with IHEEM.

This is a unique programme with IHEEM, and managed by Eastwood Park Training, that involves a rigorous assessment of competencies and skills. Here are the steps in the process:

Step 1 Application and initial assessment

Following your application being approved by IHEEM, there will be an assessment interview to discuss the process in some detail, review your existing competencies and knowledge.

Step 2 Meet your assessor and individual development plan

Once accepted on to the programme, you will meet with your assessor and will be taken through the six assessment modules:

  1. Management Skills
  2. Equipment processes *
  3. Roles and responsibilities and legal aspects
  4. Decontamination and microbiology fundamentals
  5. Standards and guidance
  6. Validation, calibration, periodic testing and maintenance

* This includes: sterilisation, washer disinfectors, water standards, environmental controls, purchasing & specifications and packaging methods

Your assessor will work with you to identify your existing knowledge in the context of the above modules and where there might be gaps or training and development requirements.

This will be supported by a detailed personal development plan and the next steps to achieving your AE(D) registration.

This might well include additional training, some of which may be met by Eastwood Park and would be part of the programme fee. Other needs may be fulfilled by other sources. However, we cannot identify these until after your initial assessment interview.

Step 3 Building your evidence portfolio

A significant part of the programme is building sufficient evidence to demonstrate competency in all of the above modules. You will be supported throughout this period by your assessor and you will have access to an e-portfolio system to help make it as straight forward as possible. We will demonstrate the system at the very start of the process.

Step 4 Final assessment

Once any additional training or development has been completed and evidence gathered (there is a two-year time period limit for this) the final part of the journey is a formal interview with the IHEEM panel, who in turn will review the evidence presented to them and make the final decision on appointment.

Step 5 Authorising Engineer (decontamination)

This process will lead to you achieving your goal of being a highly valued member of the IHEEM register of Authorising Engineers (decontamination).

Further Information

NB: This programme could take up to 2 years to complete, subject to experience and evidence available.

How do I apply

Send us an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Take a look at where you will train

Our extensive practical facilities give learners the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience within a safe and controlled environment.

Course FAQs

Eastwood Park offers decontamination courses that fit into 3 main categories – for operators, management courses and engineering validation and testing.

Our Introduction to Decontamination (IDO) course is ideal for anyone who has a need to know about decontamination but who is not familiar with it, providing you with a broad, high-level understanding of the purpose and constraints on decontamination practices and in particular the role of the sterile services department (SSD) in the broader healthcare setting.

You can download our learner handbook on our learners page.

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