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Our Medical Gases Training Facilities

Our Medical Gases facilities provide an environment designed for practical learning that follows the guidance of the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 02-01. Part b, section 7 covers training and para 7.9 states “It is essential that all training courses include practical elements…”.

At Eastwood Park Training, not only do we provide this live, hands-on experience, but we also appreciate that across all trusts there will be a range of different equipment used, both old and new, and from varying manufacturers. That’s why we provide a plethora of different equipment for learners to work on, so they will be familiar with many different models of equipment. One such example of this is our Medical Gas alarms training where we showcase these different models and learners get to grips with their functions. This is a vital part of the hands-on training, and one that has already saved trusts money in call-outs and maintenance.

With this in mind, the training at Eastwood Park has evolved to incorporate the shifts in medical practices, with a new plant and equipment to meet these needs. From the developments in medical technology such as the use of robotics and semi-invasive surgery and managerial shifts, to the drive for carbon neutral through the reduction in use of Nitrous Oxide, not forgetting the advances in medical gas pipeline systems.

The new medical gas system is a mix of old and new and with different manufacturers and suppliers to replicate current healthcare systems. The aim is for the learners to gain confidence and familiarisation with their systems.

Within our new medical gas training facility, we incorporate equipment from suppliers such as:

  • · Beacon Medaes
  • · Precision UK Ltd
  • · MMPL
  • · P3
  • · Shire Controls
  • · MEC Medical Limited

Learners are able to work at their own pace, away from the pressures of a live hospital site, whilst building confidence and becoming more familiar with how the tools and materials work, feel and function. Using a mixture of approaches when teaching ensures learners are fully engaged. Beyond this, we are constantly looking at other ways to improve and adapt our practical training to reflect current issues facing estates teams.

We have added a significant amount of new kit and initiatives to our facility including:

  • · Live workstations to enable learners to maintain/replace capsules, install physical breaks, replace terminal unit 2nd fixes and commissioning.
  • · Calibrate pressure switches
  • · Install commission local alarms including digital panels
  • · Live working areas to carry out permit to work exercises
  • · Brazing stations so small groups can train simultaneously
  • · Facilities to allow learners to install pipework and carry out purging and engineering tests on terminal outlets as specified in the HTM, using the correct test equipment
  • · Central alarm work station, creating a central alarm facility


The value of practical training building on theoretical knowledge is a key building block to competency thereby enabling tasks to be undertaken safely and systems operated reliably.

The new training centre at Eastwood park provides all the elements of a medical gas piped system both new and old equipment for learners to see and practise tasks enabling them to develop skills and understanding in a time efficient manner.

It is evident that the value of practice and carrying out tasks on a safe, real, live system that is not patient involved is critical to the development of Authorised and Competent Person’s. This enables individuals to gain the necessary experience prior to working on a live system with patients connected, which is supported by HSE guidance.

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