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Authorised person lift management refresher (HTM 08-02 & LOLER & SAFed)

Who is the course for
This course is for Authorised Persons (Lifts) working in the healthcare environment who require refresher training.

How often should I complete this refresher training?
We suggested that refresher training for Authorised Persons (Lifts) should be carried out every 3 years. You should previously have completed a full course Authorised Person (Lifts) course.

Aims & objectives
To refresh learners’ knowledge and understanding of the current legislation, regulations, roles and responsibilities and who should undertake these.

In addition, the course covers the inspections and examinations required for lifts. This includes the safety examinations required of electrical and mechanical items.

The course covers electric traction (including MRLs) and hydraulic lift installations. It is based around current legislation including the Lift Regulations 2016, PUWER, LOLER, British Standards, SAFED guidance notes, HTM 08-02 and other relevant current legislation including European and British Standards

Throughout this course the emphasis is on carrying out duties in a safe and responsible manner.


– Apply safe working practices and procedures in a lift environment to the current legislative standards and guidance

– Discuss the safety, legal and regulatory documentation relevant to lift installations

– Identify and control the safety hazards encountered in the lift installation according to current regulations

– Define the roles and responsibilities and the healthcare requirements in accordance with HTM 08-02

– Define the term competent person in accordance with LOLER

– Carry out a lift inspection on a lift installation in accordance with LOLER

– Complete a written assessment to the required course standard

Prerequisites for this course
This 3-day refresher course will include classroom learning, practical sessions and group discussions. Due to the practical nature of the course, learners should bring a pair of overalls.
17 September 2024