Progression of new decon facilities acknowledged by TQSoft

John Thatcher and Richard Bridger in the new training centre

At the end of last year and prior to the national lockdown, we had the opportunity to welcome Richard Bridger, author/developer of TQ Software to Eastwood Park, to have a look at progress of our new training centre.

John Thatcher, CEO, Eastwood Park was able to show Richard around the new 3,000m2 facility in readiness for the fitting out, including an extensive decontamination centre and operating theatre at the heart of the build.

Richard has supported Eastwood Park for many years by providing the market leading TQSoft - software used with a data logger for generating measurement maps of thermal processes inside chambers, and can also be used to check environment variables in storage areas. This is valuable as it allows users to comply with measurement and documentation standards applicable to autoclaves, washer disinfectors, cold storage, environment chambers, incubators and more.

“We have really valued Richard’s support in maintaining the software over the years, as we have used it for thermometric test training across all of our inventory” commented Bruce Garbutt, Eastwood Park’s Decontamination Portfolio Manager.

Equally Richard values the relationship with Eastwood Park, “In having our main product in use at Eastwood Park, it is seen by learners from all around the world which we hope means they may later seek to use it.”

Richard elaborated further on the key benefits of the product - “Having learners get hands-on with the software presents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what makes TQSolutions different, namely that it is not a data logger manufacturer. Each data logger manufacturer provides users with a data collection application, but typically these applications fall far short of the measurement and documentation standards that users are required to meet. Customers tend to focus on the software solution, not the data acquisition hardware. TQSoft allows customers to mix data acquisition and calibration equipment yet keep their operational procedures the same.”

With a relationship spanning several years, Eastwood Park was delighted to have the opportunity to welcome Richard and show him the new training facilities which he described as “amazing”. However, Eastwood Park isn’t the only organisation with ‘work in progress’, and Richard advised that TQSoft version 8 is due to be released in 2021, with new features for meeting standards better. It will be available in UK and Ireland through Isopharm in Sheffield. There are also reporting upgrades regularly issued and planned for next year.