Eastwood Park welcomes visitors from Brazil

We were pleased to welcome several guests from Brazil this month undertaking an exploratory visit to our training facilities.

Acclaimed Brazilian biology professor, Regina Cicarelli, who is an immunologist and microbiologist lecturer and member of the Brazilian Society of Biochemisty and Molecular Biology, was accompanied by her son Rogerio Barretto from surgical equipment company, Cicarelli, and colleague Cesar Martin, a biomedical engineer specialising in endoscopy.

We were delighted to show our training facilities as part of the company’s research into solutions for best practice models in healthcare. Regina, Rogerio and Cesar were greeted by our CEO John Thatcher and Decontamination Portfolio Training Manager, Bruce Garbutt.

Rogerio commented:

"What a wonderful learning environment Eastwood Park offers enhanced by the peaceful, countryside setting.  It certainly backs up all that we have heard about Eastwood Park before we arrived, and your extensive training facility has lived up to its reputation."

Pictured L-R: Regina Cicarelli, Rogerio Barretto, John Thatcher, Cesar Martin, Bruce Garbutt