Eastwood Park in Saudi Arabia

A new working relationship was recently marked in Saudi Arabia between Eastwood Park and the Riyadh-based Fahad Al-Sultan Academy (FAACT).

Eastwood Park and FAACT have agreed and formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop and deliver a wide portfolio of hospital technical training. The MOU was signed in the presence of the Minister of Health for Saudi Arabia, Dr Twfiq Al-Rabiah, Simon Collis, British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and seated from left to right, Dr Fahad Al-Sultan, FAACT CEO and John Thatcher, Eastwood Park CEO (pictured).

Initially the programme begins with a focus on medical equipment maintenance and training will be delivered to a potential audience of around 40,000 EBME technicians.  After the pilot programme, which takes place in March, we will be identifying nationals suitable for developing as trainers, allowing us to effectively deliver an on-going training programme.

John Thatcher, CEO, Eastwood Park commented:  “Eastwood Park is excited to be part of this significant training opportunity which presents both organisations with huge potential in the region.”