Eastwood Park in Brazil

Eastwood Park is delighted to formally announce we are working with Dr Christian Dinz of AB Health to establish, through a joint venture, a national training centre in Paraiba, Brazil, similar to that at Eastwood Park in the UK.

The curriculum and facilities of this training centre will focus on delivering skill-based training, to international standards, to existing hospital engineers, technicians and facilities staff, and also to those seeking employment in this area. We aim to create simulated hospital environments where practical training can take place without risk to patients or the trainees themselves.

Eastwood Park will provide the initial expertise, curriculum and UK qualifications but will train local technical staff in Brazil to become the trainers. Meanwhile, AB Health will provide the training facilities and the local staff required and we will work together with manufacturers and suppliers to equip the centre.

Training will be delivered in the following areas:

  • Medical gases and pipeline systems
  • Biomedical equipment maintenance and testing
  • Sterilization and decontamination equipment maintenance and testing
  • Hospital ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Hospital fire safety
  • Hospital electrical systems
  • Hospital facilities management

Other related training deemed a priority for the development of technical healthcare support services in Brazil is also likely to be designed.

Eastwood Park was also very appreciative of the support of Roberta Abath, the Brazilian State Health Secretary in this venture. We look forward to progressing this exciting project and partnership over the coming months.

View our video on the partnership: