Lift Safety Training: what’s on offer?

Our Lift Safety Training is designed to provide both practical and theory-based learning in a realistic environment, enabling delegates to expand their knowledge while maintaining industry standards.

We caught up with our Lift Portfolio Manager, Stephen Torrington, to discuss how Eastwood Park's practical facilities offer unique benefits to delegates and for a deeper insight into the courses that we offer.

How does the training at Eastwood Park differ from elsewhere?

Our new training centre offers first-class practical facilities with exclusive access to 3 types of lift: traditional traction, MRL and hydraulic lifts, all situated in a purpose-built lift-lab. All lifts are brand new and the MRL is the latest version of the KONE MonoSpace.

Our exclusive lift lab was designed and built to the highest standards by our Lift Portfolio Manager, who has over 35 years’ experience in the lift industry. The facility boasts some of the best facilities in the country and has a number of purpose-built test rigs including a safety gear drop test rig.

What courses are delivered by Eastwood Park?

We run courses covering management of lift portfolios, legislation, safe working on lifts, lift inspections and fault diagnostics. We also deliver on-site emergency release training.

Our experienced trainers deliver our courses in accordance with industry standards, teaching safe working on lifts in a safe and controlled environment.

View the full course list here.

Who are the courses aimed at?

We have a range of lift courses ranging from one-day courses in legislative responsibilities aimed at Duty Holders and Designated Persons, and for the more technical disciplines we have week courses in Lift Management, Inspections and Competent Persons. 

Our courses are suitable in both the commercial and healthcare environments.

What does Lift Management entail?

We offer a one-day Lift Management Duty Holder course which is delivered at our state-of-the-art training centre in Gloucestershire.

The course details the legislation relating to the management of lifts, LOLER and Safed requirements and Duty Holders’ responsibilities.

How does the role of the Authorised Person (AP) differ from the Duty Holder?

Although many of the Duty Holders’ operational responsibilities will in practice be carried out by the AP, under HTM08-02, the legal responsibilities clearly lay within the remit of the person holding the Duty Holders post. Therefore, it is important that the APs notify their Duty Holder of this, to ensure that they are aware of the legislation through training, which we provide at Eastwood Park.

Are Designated Persons aware of their responsibilities?

It is important that Designated Persons keep up with current legislation and requirements, indeed it is their personal responsibility to ensure that their knowledge is current. This is especially true as they are the person reporting on the lift portfolio at board level, meaning that ultimately it is them who carry overall responsibility for making sure that any lift under their control is safe to use.

Our next Lift Management Duty Holder course will be held on Thursday 28 July 2022. For more information, please visit our website. Alternatively, call our sales team on +44 (0)1454 262777 or email