Partner courses at Eastwood Park

Here at Eastwood Park Training, we offer a range of courses which are delivered in partnership with specialist organisations in the mechanical, health and safety and estates and facilities management fields.

Cochran UK

Who are Cochran UK?

Established in 1878, Cochran patented the original design of horizontal fire tube steam boilers, which is still the basis of modern-day steam boilers. Some 140 years later Cochran is still the UK market leader, with boilers and associated burners still designed and manufactured at their factory in South West Scotland. Boilers are designed and manufactured to order across a complete range of outputs from 0.5 to 40 t/h and working pressures up to 40 bar and supported by a team of 40 field engineers.

What courses do we deliver?

We’ve partnered with Cochran UK to offer BOAS training courses to operators, managers, commissioning engineers or boiler service engineers who are responsible for managing a boiler house and its operators. These include:

Morsafe Limited

Who are Morsafe Limited?

Established in 2005, Morsafe Limited are a small, progressive company that specialise in delivering quality safe systems training, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise for our key courses.

What courses do we deliver?

On behalf of Eastwood Park, Morsafe Limited offer courses suited for designated or appointed Authorised Persons (confined spaces) who require an introduction to or updating on the safety rules and procedures for working in confined spaces. These include:

The GK Group

Who are The GK Group?

The organisation was formed in 1990 by the amalgamation of three well established independent firms with over 11 years estates and facilities services experience. They specialise in the provision of professional management advice and support to the public and commercial sectors and in particular to the NHS, having worked with over 150 NHS Trusts. 

What courses do we deliver?

 We work in partnership with GK Group to deliver a range of 1-day courses. These include: 

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