Shire Controls Ltd visits our new training facility

It was a pleasure to catch up with Tony Hill from Shire Controls Ltd, following a visit to our new training facility recently.

Shire Controls has been hugely supportive in the development of our new Medical gas alarms management & maintenance course which is scheduled for later this summer and bookings being taken now.

As you will see from the image of our learning panel, our training remains focused on the practical skills that will enable our learners to take back the essential skills that they can apply in their areas of work, regularly reducing costs previously incurred from external contractors.

Shire’s Tony Hill commented: “We recognise and support the approach that Eastwood Park is taking to developing the skills required in the ongoing maintenance of medical gas alarms. It helps hugely with broadening understanding across the board. We are keen to assist with the training and endorse the programme going forward.”

Shire Controls has an industry-wide reputation for sound, robust devices that are well supported and Tony recognises in Eastwood Park an organisation that values its customers in a similar vein and wishes to support them throughout their on-going career development.

For more information on our new Medical gas alarms management & maintenance course call +44 (0)1454 262777 or email us.