In profile: Health technical memoranda (HTMs)

The HTMs: an overview

The Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) provide comprehensive advice and guidance for best practice relating to the design, installation and operation of the specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare.

These address a range of disciplines, from decontamination to ventilation, fire safety to electrical safety – a vital tool in the “safe and efficient operation of healthcare facilities”.

Following HTM guidance is used as evidence for evaluation within the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC), offering a consistent level to help measure compliance.

So, where does HTM 00 sit within this?

HTM 00; policies and principles of healthcare engineering, is the pinnacle of HTM guidance, providing a generic overview of the Department of Health’s HTM series.

It is designed to ensure that everyone involved with the management, design, procurement and facility understands the requirements of the business-critical building and engineering technology, to ensure optimum safety of all building users. This in turns ensures that Senior Management/the Board can understand their duty of care.

Who does it apply to?

Professional estates and facilities professionals with any level of responsibility will follow guidance within HTMs. This includes Designated Persons, Senior Operating Managers, Authorising Engineers, Authorised Persons Competent Persons and any associated contractors/ stakeholders. It goes without saying that this will sit alongside a responsibility to follow the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974.and the Management Regulations.

The benefits of following HTM guidance applies to both patients and staff and visitors and ensures that their safety is of paramount importance. Applying the guidance allows organisations to demonstrate compliance with their responsibilities, providing the safe, efficient, effective and reliable systems which are critical in supporting direct patient care.

Understanding the HTMs in context

Our courses cater specifically to the demands of the HTMs, distilling this crucial information into a concise and easily assimilated form, alongside the relevant practical experience to aid understanding in specialist hands-on training facilities.

For those seeking an introduction to the HTMs, our Essential HTM overview (EHTM) course provides a 1-day overview of the documents for estates & facilities management staff with responsibility for the provision of safe and suitable healthcare facilities in accordance with official best practice and CQC requirements.

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Reference - Health Technical Memorandum 00 Policies and principles of healthcare engineering