Eastwood Park features in Channel 5 lift documentary

Filming for a lift documentary on the terrace

Earlier this year, Eastwood Park’s training facilities were used as a location for a new Channel 5 documentary.

The programme examined two overlooked forms of transport in our modern world – lifts and escalators - highlighting the engineering in place to keep these operational, and more importantly, safe.

Recognising modern cities are today filled with high rise buildings, the programme examines society’s dependence on escalators and lifts to move around; an integral part of our environment and one of the safest forms of transport, but that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen!

Mammoth Productions, who produced the programme, made use of our specialist 3-storey lift shaft to demonstrate a range of scenarios illustrated in the documentary, as well as taking advantage of our 200-acre estate as a backdrop to ‘expert’ interviews.

As our lift facility is designed for training, a number of the lift components are on display, with viewing platforms in the lift shaft, allowing our trainers to easily demonstrate the live maintenance and testing of the whole lift system. With a Go Pro attached this also created some dramatic shots for the documentary – we were glad to have been able to provide a solution!

An additional benefit of our training lift tower was allowing the crew to have somewhere to film away from the pressure of disruption to a ‘live’ lift - a theme that carries on into our lift safety training, and indeed with any of our specialist and practical training facilities.

Eastwood Park featured in part 2 of the documentary “Eaten by an escalator/lift” originally aired on Thursday 17 October 2019. It is currently available to view on the Channel 5 site here.