Time to refresh your medical gas training?

If you are an Authorised or Competent Person MGPS, when did you last attend medical gas training? If it’s three or more years ago then you are probably due to attend refresher training (as required by HTM 02-01) to ensure that you are up to date with the latest legislation and best practice.

Refresher training is just that, designed specifically to support all those working on ‘live’ medical gas pipeline systems stay compliant with the HTM and other key guidance. Eastwood Park is fortunate to have the UK’s only ‘live’ medical gas pipeline system outside of hospitals, giving learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge practically without the worry patient safety or disruption to the busy hospital schedule.

Courses include everything from equipment set-up (using Eastwood Park’s on-site medical gas system), to applying sections of the HTM to equipment, and is designed to offer higher levels of practical experience than other training currently on the market. Practical, hands-on experience is a vital part of the high quality training Eastwood Park offers – classroom-based and online training sets the picture, however, nothing replaces getting stuck in on the job.

Eastwood Park delivers the following medical gases refresher courses on a regular basis:

There are also further courses for Competent and Authorised Persons (MGPS) and Quality Controllers, for Nurses and Porters and on medical gas hose making and design of medical gas pipeline systems.

For more information visit our medical gas page, call +44 (0)1454 262777 or email training@eastwoodpark.co.uk.