See Eastwood Park at Healthcare Estates 2017

Our team of experts are returning with the latest on compliance training and consultancy, as well as news on developments for 2018. Do come along for a chat about training for yourself and your teams.

We have several new and unique estates courses tackling specifics, such as PFI contracts, including improving ways of working together and how to achieve savings. There are other new courses on energy and sustainability and practical training on PAM related to CQC inspections.  These complement our already established and popular training for all staff working in estates and facilities teams.

Find out how our new water safety training has changed to reflect the HTM changes; consider the potential of our hospital engineering degrees and tell us about your apprenticeship plans to see how we can assist.  Our apprentice summer school will be back in 2018 too.

We cannot emphasise enough the continuing high priority we place on all practical elements of our training whether medical gas, medical equipment, decontamination engineering, lifts, fire safety or our HV and LV training.  As much a priority today as when we started.

Above all please take this opportunity to have a conversation about what you need from us in the future. See us on stand E21 - contact us +44 (0) 1454 262777 or email us to arrange an appointment.