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We are seeking your views on current water management issues. Changes to safety guidelines open up interesting debates and can pose further questions.

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Eastwood Park trainer and water management consultant, Mervyn Phipps, who has been developing Eastwood Park’s new water safety courses, raises some current issues:


HTM 04-01 para 7.40 advises TMV’s should only be installed where a scalding risk assessment indicates. Also TMV’s should be maintained regularly - annually or as defined by the risk assessment and taking account of manufacturers’ recommendations. HSG 274 part 2 provides similar advice. Many organisations practice 6 monthly checks but do not implement recommendations of HTM 04-01 supplement: D 08 when replacing a faulty TMV with a new one. What approach do you take?

Rainwater and grey water systems

HTM requirements are generally not considered to be retrospective, however, HTM 04-01 part A paragraph 2.23 states, rainwater and grey water systems should not be collected for use on or in a healthcare premise. Interestingly HTM 04-01 part B is silent on the operational aspects of rainwater and grey water installations, as is HSG 274 part 2 and part 3.  What are your plans?

Service providers

PFI service providers and contracted service providers link with the Water Safety Group (WSG); however, service providers on occasions are not allowed access to an organisation’s Water Safety Plan (WSP). Service providers are required to comply with ACoP L8, HSG 274 parts 1-3 and HTM 04-01 parts A to C and supplement. The maintenance, testing and sampling conducted should also support /conform to the WSG requirements, in line with the WSP. What information do you pass on?

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