Eastwood Park Medical Equipment trainer speaks at EBME 2017

Eastwood Park was pleased to return to EBME 2017 last month, sharing details of its practical medical equipment training, and its specialist degree programme for EBME engineers.

As well as exhibiting at the event, Medical Equipment expert and Eastwood Park trainer Dr Scott Brown (pictured) spoke at the seminar. His talk, attended by over 250 delegates was entitled “Electrocardiographs: Current best practice and future challenges”, examining steps that busy EMBE/clinical engineering should be taking to be effectively manage electrocardiographs.

Dr Scott commented “Electrocardiographs are one of the stalwart diagnostic tools for patients presenting in both primary and the acute care sectors so I felt there was a real discussion to be had on practical developments around ECG testing.”

 The seminar allowed for an open debate that focussed on training and in particular competence..

“Overall,” Dr Scott reminded the group, “Trusts should be adopting a risk based approach to electrocardiographs; routine maintenance must be regulatory and to manufacturers’ guidance which can be enhanced or reduced based on local data, so long as it is evidence based. Remember, this evidence of what has been done is key in defending any litigation claims against the department.”

With guidance and regulations constantly under review and coupled with new equipment developments, biomedical equipment engineers face the constant challenge of ensuring they maintain and refresh their knowledge and skills. Dr Scott supports Eastwood Park in the delivering of a range of medical equipment training covering the safety, servicing and testing of a range of biomedical electrical equipment including; electro-cardiovascular, ventilation, anaesthesia and dental.  

Eastwood Park would be delighted to speak with you further about meeting your training needs, have a look at our medical equipment training or call +44 (0) 1454 262777 for more information.