What skills do you need to brush up on?

Refresher training is designed specifically to support all those working on ‘live’ medical gas pipeline systems, helping them stay up to date with the latest best practices. Eastwood Park delivers refreshers for Competent and Authorised Persons in line with guidance in HTM 02-01. 

“A significant part focuses on gaps in current knowledge as inevitably skills need to move on during a three year period – the recommended timeframe for refresher training in the HTM.” says Michael Ell, Medical Gas Portfolio Manager at Eastwood Park.

“Refreshers are sometimes perceived as ‘just a re-run’.  This is not the case with us, it’s an opportunity for learners to practise skills and competencies in addition to looking in greater depth at aspects of the HTM they personally need to know about and how they then apply this in the working environment.

“Whatever the course, our training is always designed to deliver higher levels of practical experiences than most other training available. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated gas pipeline training facility to enable hands on learning as the HTM requires high levels of skills and practical knowledge. This means our learners leave with real confidence because they have practised what is in the HTM and been allowed to learn from making mistakes, but in a safe secure environment.”

Eastwood Park has updated its medical gas portfolio; as well as refreshers for Authorised and Competent Persons, available now are courses for:

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