The subject of electrical installations in medical locations attracted large numbers at workshops

A clear focus on the high level of risks associated with electrical installations in medical locations defined the start of the latest of our free electrical workshops.

Approaching 100 delegates - many travelling some considerable distances – attended the events held this month at Wetherby Racecourse in Yorkshire and Eastwood Park training centre in Gloucestershire.

Led by Authorising Engineer and Eastwood Park trainer, Peter Handforth, the day started with a discussion on relevant documentation; what is defined as a medical location and the associated risks to patients and staff.

The day embraced a wide range of related topics including classifications of medical locations in terms of risk, applied parts and typical earthing and bonding in medical locations.  Also discussed were typical arrangements of medical IT systems and circuit arrangements; the circumstances and implications of automatic disconnection of supply in a typical theatre application, to how competent is the electrician who’s often first line of response onsite during an isolated power supply interruption. The session concluded with defining the groups and categories necessary to identify the relevant and frequency of inspections and tests that should be carried out.

Peter Handforth added:  “Patients are in a hugely vulnerable position and reliant on us looking after their safety, particularly when it comes to power supplies in specialist medical locations. These workshops are designed to supplement the more formal courses available and tackle broader and topical challenges electrical and estates teams are facing daily. The often hidden benefit from these occasions comes through sharing knowledge and experiences within a room of like-minded colleagues.”

If there are topics for 2017 that you would like to see tackled through workshops of this nature, then please let us know at