CQC inspector addresses HefmA and Eastwood Park audience

A thought provoking talk by CQC Inspection Manager, Tony Fletcher (pictured on the right), from the Mental Health team Bristol, Gloucester and Wiltshire was held this month at the jointly delivered HefmA South West branch and Eastwood Park training seminar “CQC inspections – before, during and after”.

Delegates represented by HefmA South West member trusts from across the region listened to an array of speakers and shared CQC experiences.  Tony talked delegates through the inspection process and gave a personal view on the potential future direction and responsibilities of the CQC as it moves into the next round of inspections.

Adrian Eggleton, Deputy Director, Estates & Facilities, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust and Chair of HefmA South West branch, opened the day by reminding the audience that 2016 marked the branch’s 60th year and the focus was firmly on patient care and safety, and developing current and future leaders.  Adrian presented an overview of the branch’s annual business plan and strategic objectives, commenting that these series of training seminars were a big part of meeting those objectives.  Adrian added: “One of the aims of the seminar was to demonstrate the value of the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) in contributing to CQC and Board assurance on the quality of the Estate and Facilities, drawing together a range of interconnected themes around patient care, quality compliance and assurance.”

Leading the presentation on PAM was Peter Bowers, Capital Projects Manager, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.  This was followed by a practically focused session on PAM in the context of fire by Andy Hayes, Head of Estates & Facilities, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Richard Bennett, Somerset’s Fire Safety Advisor from Capita.

The team from Southampton NHS Foundation Trust shared their experiences of their CQC inspection from the perspective of a large acute teaching trust.  Mark Bagnall, Director and Paula Melhuish, Deputy Director of Estates & Capital Development with Claire Hayward, Clinical Data Quality Manager, delivered a stimulating overview.  They shared the key points from their experiences including: where problems were identified having action plans in place; encourage and support a culture of openness; ensure good documentation by recording everything and ensuring the availability of validation certificates; communicate widely and set up a dedicated team, with one email address, supplying CQC.

 The day was about sharing information and experiences and delivered a valuable thought provoking debate. Delegates said they had benefited from a greater understanding of the complexities of gathering data and challenges for CQC in assimilation, further feedback included:  ‘very useful linking of topics and what to expect and be aware of from a CQC inspection’; ‘tips around the CQC process were really helpful and a good general debate’;  ‘a good cross section of speakers’ with ‘open and frank discussions and good examples of best practice’.

 The next HefmA South West branch seminar will be held on Thursday 13 October and will provide an “Essential HTM overview” which is a critical strand of the Premises Assurance Model and CQC/Board assurance.  To reserve a place, contact training@eastwoodpark.co.uk on +44 (0) 1454 262777.