Updates to medical equipment training to reflect COVID-19 guidance

Learners with face coverings complete medical equipment training

Eastwood Park is supporting the crucial role of medical engineers in the COVID-19 pandemic with updates to its specialist biomedical equipment training that reflect the most current guidance and situation.

Our Servicing anaesthesia & ventilation equipment course now includes additional material around ventilation and challenges around medical gas supplies. It looks at the learning that has been gained from the COVID experiences, and includes extra material on APRV (airway pressure relief ventilation), the preferred ventilator mode when addressing acute respiratory distress syndrome (including COVID-19).

Similarly, our two-week Biomedical equipment maintenance practice course now covers additional and more general guidance following the COVID standard operating procedure (SOP) that came out from NHSE/I on equipping COVID wards for intubated patients. And COVID aside, there is also additional practical and updated notes to cover ultrasound bladder scanning.

Medical equipment trainer Dr Scott Brown has been leading these changes to our medical equipment courses. Alongside his training at Eastwood Park, Scott is Capital Investment Manager at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and Managing Director/Lead Consultant for Health Tech Solutions Ltd, and this combination is key to ensuring our courses are always aligned with current best practice, as well as current and very real examples.

In addition, having access to practical facilities including a live medical gas pipeline system and simulated operating theatre, offers learners a realism around their training that is not available from many providers, who are often much more classroom based.

During the pandemic we advised a number of organisations on disciplines across its range of portfolios including Vinci, Velindre Cancer Centre and Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to name a few. We are pleased to once again be able to support the healthcare sector with the most relevant and hands-on, practical training, especially in light of the unprecedented and extremely challenging events seen this year.

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