Eastwood Park offers new HVAC refreshers for ventilation staff

If you are a Competent or Authorised Person working in ventilation, Eastwood Park is offering two new refresher training courses designed to bring you up to date with the latest best practice.

Based on HTM 03 and Department of Health guidance, the courses are relevant to healthcare staff wishing to refresh their knowledge of the subject having previously undertaken a full CP or AP ventilation training course.

Training makes use of Eastwood Park’s unique practical training facility and learners get hands on experience without the worry of making mistakes or disruption to day to day business. A wide range of digital test instruments form part of the practical aspects of the training, including Balometers, Thermal (hot-wire) Anemometers, Rotating Vane Anemometers and Micromanometers, within a dedicated air conditioning lab with its own extensive ventilation systems.

This practical experience is what makes Eastwood Park’s ventilation training really stand out, ensuring that training does not just ‘tick a box’, rather learners leave confident in the knowledge that they possess sufficient skills knowledge and experience to be able to safely perform the designated tasks as required by the HTM (HTM 03-01: Part B, 2.5).

The Competent person HVAC (HTM 03) refresher and Authorised person HVAC (HTM 03) refresher can be delivered either at Eastwood Park or at your own site. For more information or to book contact us on +44 (0)1454 262777 or email us.