Our courses

At Eastwood Park we combine theory and practical hands-on training to hospital engineers, technicians, operators and managers at all levels:


We deliver decontamination courses that reflect the latest NHS and and BS EN guidance and cater for delegates working to all the regional variations within the UK.

Courses are available across a range of equipment including steam sterlizers, large porous load sterilizers, washer disinfectors, endoscope reprocessors and bench-top sterlizers.

Medical gases

We have medical gas courses to suit a range of healthcare roles that come into contact with medical gases including: Competent and Authorised Persons, Quality Controllers, Nurses, Porters and Designated Nursing Officers.  We also deliver AP and CP training courses that are specifically tailored for international delegates.

Medical equipment

We deliver a range of courses related to the safety, servicing and testing of a range of biomedical electrical equipment including; electro-cardiovascular, ventilation, anaesthesia and dental.


We deliver courses for Competent and Authorised Person accreditation, releasing of trapped passengers/goods and managing contractors.  

Our training includes hydraulic lifts, electrical traction lifts and machine room-less lifts (MRLs). 

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & steam

Our HVAC Competent Person and Authorised Person training delivers the knowledge and skills to meet the procedural and verification requirements for healthcare ventilation systems.

Water hygiene

Our water hygiene courses deliver training for Duty holders, appointed Responsible Persons and those responsible for managing, maintaining and monitoring hot & cold water systems and cooling systems in healthcare environments. We offer practical everyday solutions as well as rigorous management guidance.

Fire safety

Our courses range from fire precautions in building design (ideal for fire safety advisors and members of a building control body), to specialist guidance for hospital fire safety managers and those carrying out fire risk assessments in healthcare premises, or having to assess their suitability.  We also offer a Firecode for health premises course (HTM 05-02).

Health & safety

For Responsible Persons we offer courses dealing with asbestos regulation compliance and maintaining compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.


Training covers the Competent and Authorised Persons roles plus specfic courses on safety testing, electrical installations in medical locations and conversion from mechanical to electrical engineering.

Estates & facilities management

Our courses cover the essentials for estates managers, plus management of capital projects and engineering for technical staff who are new to healthcare locations.

Assessors & internal quality assurers

Our occupational, high level courses, assess your capabilities in the workplace for 6 months. They are a practical way to acquire the skills and experience you need.