Course Outline

The Health Technical Memorandum HTM 04-01 (2016) ‘Safe water in healthcare premises; Part A: Design, Installation & Commissioning’ requires good practice from those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and operation of water systems in healthcare premises, including compliance with all parts of HTM 04-01, ACoP L8, HSG274 and the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.  


This course has been designed for persons involved in all aspects of engineering projects associated with healthcare water systems, from design through to handover to those responsible for ongoing operation and maintenance. The course will provide an understanding of the key aspects of designing out the microbiological risks associated with water systems and ensure that those involved in installation, maintenance and commissioning of the systems do so in a hygienic and compliant manner. 

The course is suitable for all types of project, from ward or building refurbishment to major construction schemes. This course will also be appropriate for non-hospital related projects where specific healthcare practices are required due to end user requirements.


By the end of this course, attendees will:

  • List the main legal requirements for the control of waterborne pathogens and scalding associated with healthcare water systems
  • Describe the key principles of risk assessing and controlling legionella bacteria in accordance with ACoP L8 and HSG274
  • List the key principles of the management of pseudomonas aeruginosa risks from water systems
  • Explain the key requirements for appropriate scalding prevention measures
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of Water Safety Groups and Water Safety Plans
  • Explain the key requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations for equipment selection and installation
  • Identify the requirements for safe, hygienic working practices for water system installation



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