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This course is aimed at staff employed in EBME departments with responsibility for manufacturing medical gas hoses on-site. The course is ideally suited to healthcare personnel who also inspect, test and replace medical gas hoses.


The course will focus on the manufacture and testing of medical gas hoses in line with ISO 5359:2014. The course is designed to increase knowledge of medical gas hoses and their safe manufacture and use. You will learn how to identify and use manufacturing equipment and gas specific connectors as well as learning the correct methods of labelling to the ISO standards.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify hazards of Medical gases and the necessary precautions
  • Identify and select  the components which make up a medical gas hose
  • Carry out Hose manufacturing process
  • Carry out tests on a hose
  • Clarify the requirements of hose maintenance and checking when in use


Please be aware that this course is highly practical and suitable clothing should be worn.

If the training is being delivered at your site the following is required:

  • An area or room where information can be projected onto a screen or wall
  • Seating with tables or desks for trainee's
  • An area where learners can practise hose making and testing

Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

City & Guilds

This course has City & Guilds accredited programme status.


Medical gases lab image

Medical gases lab

Eastwood Park's live medical gas pipeline system is unique within the UK.


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