The course is ideally suited for those with basic knowledge in biomedical engineering, medical instrumentation and supportive therapeutic and diagnostic medical equipment. This course is designed to bridge the gaps that often occur between academic knowledge and skills with the requirements of the actual work place. Learners will gain a good grasp of the related physiology to infusion devices, foetal monitoring and infant incubators. This will enable them to be confident and fully understand the principles of operation of these devices in a medical facility. The course will enable learners to perform all the required maintenance, safety testing and performance testing of infusion devices, foetal monitoring and infant incubators.

This course is aimed at new entrants and existing technical staff to the healthcare sector who are involved in maintaining these devices.


To provide participants with a good understanding of the principles of infusion devices, foetal monitors, infant incubators, and its applications and maintenance procedures.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe medical electrical safety with reference to IEC60601 & IEC62353
  • Describe the principles and applications of infusion devices
  • List hazards and alarm functions associated with infusion devices
  • Describe the methods and applications of foetal monitoring
  • Describe the methods of control and function of each parameter in an infant incubator
  • Perform maintenance, safety testing and performance testing on infusion devices, foetal monitors and infant incubators using the appropriate test tools.



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