This course delivers guidance on how to deliver and manage verification and validation of ventilation systems used in the healthcare environment, as defined in HTM 03-01 Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises and other NHS Guidance.

Is this course for you?

Verifiers, validators, managers, technical staff, consultants, contractors, and other personnel who require an appreciation of how to deliver and manage the verification and validation of ventilation systems used in the healthcare environment as defined in HTM 03-01 and other NHS guidance. The course would be relevant to any staff member wishing to undertake the inspection, verification or validation of new, existing or modified or refurbished systems.


Successful completion of the Competent Person HVAC (HTM 03) course or appropriate evidence of competence to an equivalent level is a prerequisite for this course.


To present the essential information contained in HTM 03-01, specialised ventilation for healthcare premises and other NHS guidance relevant to the successful and compliant delivery of verifications and validation inspections, in a concise and easily assimilated form. To create a forum for learners to discuss their own HTM 03 related issues, enabling learners to manage these systems safely and economically.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • List statutory safety regulations relating to Specialist Healthcare Ventilation Systems
  • Explain the validation/verification procedures defined by HTM 03-01
  • Complete controls checks including statutory checks on ventilation systems
  • Calculate accurate flow measurements
  • Explain how to install a filter correctly into a ventilation system
  • State the areas in AHU in ventilation systems that should be tested for cleanliness
  • Complete inspection records and documentation for the verification/validation process



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