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This course is aimed at managers, technical staff, consultants, contractors and other personnel who require an appreciation of how to manage ventilation systems used in the Healthcare environment contained in HTM 03-01 and other NHS Guidance. The course would be relevant to any staff member wishing to undertake the Authorised Person role. Successful completion of the Ventilation & Air Conditioning for Competent Persons Course or appropriate evidence of competence to an equivalent level is a pre requisite for this course.

Infection control staff may also find this course useful in deepening their understanding of the subject area.


To present the essential information contained in HTM 03-01, Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises and other NHS guidance on this subject, in a concise and easily assimilated form.  To create a forum for learners to discuss their own HTM 03 related issues, enabling Learners to manage these systems safely and economically.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply the main applications for ventilation in healthcare premises and explain why the need exists
  • Apply management responsibilities in relation to ventilation and air-conditioning in accordance of the defined Authorised Person role in Department of Health guidance
  • Describe health and safety issues relating to air quality, including legal requirements relating to those issues and means of compliance
  • Describe how ventilation systems can be used to minimise health associated infections
  • Manage essential monitoring and maintenance procedures required for the safe and efficient operation of plant components
  • Use sources of guidance associated with the safe and efficient operation of plant components
  • Apply the main requirements of operating theatre ventilation and other specialist ventilation systems and understand their relevance to the health of patients and staff in accordance with HTM and HBN guidance
  • Manage and control works on specialist ventilation systems used in healthcare premises in accordance with the Authorised Person role as defined in Department of Health guidance
  • Measure airflow and humidity in ducts and at air terminal devices, using a variety of instruments to maintain and operate complex healthcare ventilation systems
  • Demonstrate proportional balancing of a simple ventilation system and state the process for balancing a complex ventilation system
  • Identify essential components of an air-conditioning system typically used in healthcare premises

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