Is this course for you?

This course is for Authorised Persons (Confined Spaces) who require an introduction to the safety rules and procedures for working in confined spaces, ensuring a safe system of work is implemented, managed and controlled by competent persons.

It meets the main requirements of JSP 375, SNHS/NHS confined space procedures and many other similar company procedures along with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L101.


To enable you to identify and advise on typical confined spaces and the associated risks.

To be able to check the competency of operatives, the quality of their equipment and ensure that the correct control measures and safety documentation are in place prior to issuing a permit for any work to be carried out.


This course covers:

  • Health and safety and confined spaces regulations
  • Hazards associated with confined spaces
  • Identifying confined spaces
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Introduction to Chapter 6 Confined Spaces Safety rules and procedures
  • Roles and duties
  • Application of Chapter 6
  • Management arrangements and training requirements
  • Introduction to confined space PPE plant & equipment
  • Practical use of tripod, winch and EBA
  • Overview of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Operational procedures standing instruction - worked example
  • Operational procedures safety programme and PTW - worked example
  • Assessing, appointing, auditing and monitoring
  • Scenario based assessment, multiple-choice test paper and familiarisation exercise


Practical training on the use of gas monitors, harnesses, tripod, winch, escape breathing apparatus (EBA) and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) will be delivered during this course. Learners attending this course will be requested to complete a self-certification fitness questionnaire as it is important that delegates are free of any condition that might adversely affect their health.

Morsafe Limited

This course will be delivered by Morsafe Limited on behalf of Eastwood Park. Morsafe are a small, progressive company established in 2005 that specialise in delivering quality safe systems training.