Is this course for you?

The course will provide those experienced in general fire safety with the specialist understanding required to apply fire precaution and techniques to the healthcare environment.


To provide learners with the knowledge and understanding needed to apply the recommendations of HTM 05-02 to the design and management of healthcare premises.

The course includes an examination of the recommendations contained in the Firecode HTM 05 guidance and the principles of fire safety relating to healthcare premises.

Firecode HTM 05 is a suite of 14 documents which detail fire safety measures in the design, alteration and ongoing management of healthcare premises.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of structural fire safety design for healthcare premises
  • Apply the recommendations of HTM05-02 guidance document
  • Outline the limitations of HTM05-02 guidance documents
  • Explain alternative approaches to structural fire safety design in healthcare premises and the application of fire engineered solutions in the healthcare environment



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