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This course is for healthcare staff required to operate and/or weekly test surgical washer disinfectors using thermal disinfection.


This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to complete routine checks and verification tests required within a weekly period on surgical washer disinfectors using thermal disinfection.

Note: This training does not override local protocols for production processing or manufacturer/supplier obligation to provide adequate instruction for equipment operation.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Identify the general safety hazards and potential failures associated with re-usable surgical instrument washer disinfector equipment and operational processes within decontamination

  2. Explain the necessary functions of both equipment and personnel required to ensure safe and satisfactory washing and thermal disinfection of surgical instruments

  3. Demonstrate the actions required to complete weekly testing specified under NHS guidance for surgical instrument washer disinfectors

    Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

    City & Guilds

    This course has City & Guilds accredited programme status.

    COVID-secure measures

    Following a review of the new government guidance we want to reassure you that the essential training booked at Eastwood Park for the coming weeks is going ahead as planned.

    We are operating a COVID-secure environment and will be seeking the co-operation of everyone attending to strictly adhere to these arrangements throughout their stay and we will continue to carefully monitor the situation.

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    Decontamination lab

    The decontamination labs feature a range of decontamination and infection control equipment.