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This course has been devised to meet the needs of those taking on the role of Decontamination Lead as specified in current NHS guidance.

Please note, if you do not have operational experience of medical device decontamination management we strongly recommend you attend IDO - Introduction to decontamination operations (to NHS guidance). Please ask our Sales Team for more information.


To provide you with the required knowledge and skills to perform the role of Decontamination Lead.


 By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of decontamination and the importance of performing the decontamination process as set out in relevant guidelines
  • Identify and reference the appropriate guidelines that relate to aspects of decontamination
  • Explain the importance of infection prevention and control in relation to decontamination
  • Understand the function and audit requirements for different types of decontamination equipment involved in the decontamination process
  • Recognise the guidelines that apply to the management of equipment and environment involved in the decontamination process
  • Explain the principles of audit and have an understanding of how to perform an audit within a decontamination area
  • Identify the training needs of staff working within decontamination
  • Understand the value of a quality management system in the management of decontamination and its associated risks within a healthcare environment
  • Implement an effective means of monitoring compliance in relation to decontamination within a healthcare environment
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with decontamination
  • Understand the role of the Decontamination Lead and the expectations in terms of regulations and guidelines
  • Understanding the principles of business continuity in relation to decontamination and how to ensure it is embedded within an organisation

Additional information

Please note this course is necessarily quite intensive and requires that you be familiar with the guidance documentation. In particular you should be  familiar with the latest NHS guidance for medical device decontamination applicable in your region which can be downloaded from regional sites for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

City & Guilds

This course has City & Guilds assured programme status.


Decontamination lab image

Decontamination lab

The decontamination labs feature a range of decontamination and infection control equipment.