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This course is aimed at personnel involved in operating automated endoscope reprocessors, (AER), endoscope washer disinfectors, (EWD). These may include Sterile Services Technicians/SSD staff, and  nurses  and any other person who is responsible for the decontamination of endoscopes and the operation of an AER and EWDs.


To enable delegates to meet their responsibilities as operators of AERs as defined in British Standards and devolved National Health service, (NHS), guidance, and successfully decontaminate endoscopes ready for patient use.


 By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the operator & decontamination roles and responsibilities
  • Explain the principle of how an endoscope washer-disinfector works and how to load it correctly
  • Explain the periodic testing requirements of endoscope washer–disinfectors as recommended
  • Carry out daily checks on automated endoscope reprocessors
  • Carry out the automatic control test and the cleaning efficacy test for residual soil

Additional information

Practical exercises form an important part of this course, enabling delegates to achieve the training objectives. If delivered on-site the client must ensure that sterilizer equipment is made available and provide a permit to work in support of training.

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Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

City & Guilds

This course has City & Guilds assured programme status.


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Decontamination lab

The decontamination labs feature a range of decontamination and infection control equipment.