Is this course for you?

This programme is suited for individuals currently in a management position dealing with engineering aspects of an organisation’s decontamination equipment and day to day operational management.

It would also be applicable to the Competent Person (Decontamination), CP(D), wishing to progress their career.


To enable the AP(D) to perform day-to-day operational duties and to be effective in the management of engineering aspects of an organisation’s decontamination equipment.


 By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain and use relevant guidance and standards for decontamination equipment
  • Explain the procedures for risk management, risk assessment and safe systems of work, including permits to work and adverse incident reporting
  • Explain the role of the AP(D) and describe their relationship to other roles in the management of decontamination 
  • Demonstrate internal auditing of periodic test reports in conjunction with contract requirements
  • Explain how to procure equipment and manage through-life support
  • Identify acceptance criteria for the installation, operational and performance qualification testing to relevant specifications

Prerequisite to attending the course

This course assumes knowledge and experience of periodic testing of washer disinfectors and sterilizers prior to attending.

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Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

City & Guilds

This course has City & Guilds assured programme status.


Decontamination lab image

Decontamination lab

The decontamination labs feature a range of decontamination and infection control equipment.