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Our decontamination training provides learners with hands-on experience across a wide range of equipment within our specialist decontamination facility.

Courses reflect the latest NHS and BS EN guidance, while working to all the regional variations within the UK.

Training is available for engineers and operators on a wide range of equipment including steam sterilizers, large porous load sterilizers, washer disinfectors, endoscope reprocessors and bench-top sterilizers, and is applicable to different roles including technicians, supervisors, managers and Decon Leads.

Decontamination courses

Course Title Code Length
Large porous load sterilizers - weekly testing (to NHS guidance) WTS 2 days
Large porous load sterilizers - quarterly testing (to NHS guidance) STM2 5 days
Large porous load sterilizers - annual testing & revalidation (to NHS guidance) STM3 5 days
Transportable vacuum steam sterilizers - periodic testing (to NHS guidance) STM4 5 days
Washer disinfectors - periodic testing (to NHS guidance) WTM1 5 days
Washer disinfectors - weekly testing (to NHS guidance) WTT 1 day
Automated endoscope reprocessors - quarterly testing (to NHS guidance) WTM2 5 days
Automated endoscope reprocessors - annual testing (to NHS guidance) WTM3 3 days
Endoscope washer disinfectors - weekly testing (to NHS guidance) WTE 2 days
Introduction to decontamination operations (to NHS guidance) IDO 1 day
SSD supervisors / managers (to NHS guidance) DTM 5 days
Management of flexible endoscope decontamination (to NHS guidance) WTM4 3 days
Decontamination lead - role & responsibilities (to NHS guidance) DLR 4 days
Authorised person (decontamination) - role & responsibilities (to NHS guidance) DAPD 4 days
Authorising engineer (decontamination) competency framework AED 2 years
Transportable steam sterilizers - operators (to NHS guidance) STO1 1 day
Large porous load sterilizers - operators (to NHS guidance) STO2 1 day
Washer disinfectors for medical devices - operators (to NHS guidance) WDO 1 day
Automated endoscope reprocessors - operators (to NHS guidance) ENDO 1 day
Human waste disinfectors - periodic testing (to NHS guidance) BPW 3 days
Diploma in healthcare science - sterile services pathway (L2) HCSA 1 year
Diploma in healthcare science - clinical engineering (L2) HCCE 1 year

Eastwood Park, Falfield, was formerly the NHS national training centre for healthcare engineering and now, as an independent company, we are the leading provider of technical healthcare engineering training in the UK.      

Decontamination trainers

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    Bruce Garbutt

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    Mark Walker

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    James Tinsdeall

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